Jabardast show legalComedy show ‘Jabardast’ has been one of the most viewed shows on television and it has scored huge TRP’s for the ETV channel because of its popularity. Gradually a lot of apprehensions arose on the show alleging that comedy on ‘Jabardast’ is going on indecent lines with double meaning concepts, dialogues and cheap gay concepts being taken up.

A while ago, Prabhas’ fans were upset with the show. Presently the show has irked the judiciary system of the country. It is now in controvery for airing comedy skits degrading the judges and judiciary of the country. An advocate by name Ethipathy Arun from Huzurabad filed a complaint on the show and a case was registered on the makers in Huzurabad police station.

‘Jabardast’ popularity is well known. But trying to bank on cheap concepts is what is pulling it down and today it is considered a show not suitable for watching with family. Day by day, the show is degrading and lot of controversies are setting in. Still the show has huge viewership and hence it is time for the producers to rethink and select decent concept and remove the indecent stigma they’ve earned.