Corruption, black market, commercializing God and many other such vicious things became the order of the day. When a common man grieves, there is no respite for him on this earth. He can’t even turn to God because nowadays, God also became an expensive commodity. What option is a common man left with? To file a case on God for the injustice done to him. Then who will represent God on earth to undergo the trial? These so called Godmen, who in the name of God, try to cash on the weaknesses and sentiments of people, have to come to court and face the trial.

This is the main theme of Venky-Pawan’s multi-starrer ‘Gopala Gopala’. While Venkatesh is playing the common man, initially Bollywood yesteryear superstar Mithun Chakravarthy was roped in to play the Godman. Mithun played the same character in the original. According to the latest update, dialogue king Saikumar is likely to replace Mithun and play the character of Godman for the film.

Sources claim that because of date problems Mithun is unavailable for shooting his part and hence the makers are thinking to replace him with Saikumar. During the pre-production of the film, there were reports that Pawan was keen on having Mithun for the character. Now, the makers would have to go for a Telugu actor and this would definitely be beneficial if an actor like Saikumar is roped in, to portray a challenging role.