My Left Hand Will Be Non-Functional - Chaitanya AkkineniNaga Chaitanya says that his left hand will be non-functional and the story revolves around the consequences of it in his upcoming movie to be directed by ‘Karthikeya’ and ‘Premam‘ director Chandoo Mondeti. But, the title suggests otherwise.

His upcoming movie’s title is ‘Savya Sachi‘ which literally means a person who can do a particular job with both hands equally, i.e., being ambidextrous. That sounds interesting. Director Chandoo Mondeti and Naga Chaitanya’s last outing ‘Premam’ fared decently at the box-office. Nevertheless, the remake couldn’t repeat the original’s magic.

The director is once again coming up with a different concept for Naga Chaitanya. The Akkineni hero’s last release ‘Yuddham Saranam’ opened to poor talk and we have to see how far the film will run and the final outcome of the box-office fate is awaited.