Leaks Worry Increasing For Powerstar Pawan Klyan Comeback Pink Remake As soon as the shooting of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s comeback film Pink remake, the pictures and videos from the sets too started to come out. Recently, a pivotal scene involving the introduction of Pawan Kalyan also was leaked.

The producer of the movie Dil Raju is apparently angry with the recent leaks and is said to be taking stringent measures. It needs to be seen if the leakage is stopped henceforth as there is too much curiosity on the comeback of Pawan Kalyan.

The issue of piracy is becoming a huge menace for big stars. Recently a clip from the sets of RRR too was leaked. There were a couple of photos also before that, that got out. The team has been extra cautious since then. They are deleting any video online that is from RRR, which might have the potential to act as spoilers.

The shooting of Pawan Kalyan’s comeback is happening at a rapid pace. The makers have locked May 15th as the release date and are working round the clock to make it happen. It will be a week before the Eid festivities. If the Pink remake can make it on time, the box office potential could be huge with the right word of mouth.