Leaked: Taking Away Ram Charan from Jr NTRTwitter is literally buzzing with comments about the leaked video from RRR. According to the comments on the leaked video, Ram Charan is being taken away from NTR and then begins the goosebumps giving fight sequence.

Twitterati who claim to have watched the leaked video say that the scene would be a visual treat for the audiences. This leak is said to have happened even after extra care to avoid leaks from the shooting spots.

Going by the comments, it’s understood that the leaked fight might be one of the crucial scenes in the movie. It must be really hard for any director to control leaks nowadays. Rajamouli is a tough taskmaster, still, the leaks are happening.

Hope, the makers of RRR would take extra care to see that there would be no leaks hereafter that can kill the surprise factor. The hero elevation moments in Rajamouli’s movies always give goosebumps to the audiences. Hope, these leaks don’t spoil the fun.