British Indian actress and our ‘Malleswari’ Katrina Kaif have no plan for marriage at this juncture. Responding in a philosophical manner, she says it is easy to plan profession but it will be a tough job to identify a right person to share the life. Katrina, 29 years old, says her thoughts about marriage were changed after a holiday trip in Spain with Ranabir Kapoor. “ I do know that I will only get married if I love that person insanely and can’t live without him and if I get that back from him” she said.

Source say Katrina’s way of talking and behavior changed with the leakage of ‘mismatched’ bikini pictures along with Ranabir Kapoor. She strongly feels that paparazzi can not enter into her personal life and private time thinking that she is a public property. Katrina says she is ready to share her all feelings with the media but not at the cost of her individuality. Katrina may be cautious hereafter when she is in public even in abroad. Her fans say Spain incident will not affect her mood and she would give her best in the coming Dhoom-3 movie.