RC15-Leak-Ram-Charan-AnjaliThere’s no doubting that safeguarding content in this digital cinema era is not the easiest of tasks. But it is upon the makers of big hero films to be extra cautious about the leaks. However, there’s one film that is often falling prey to these leakages.

The said film is Ram Charan’s RC15 under Shankar’s direction. This film is prone to multiple leakages and here’s the newest development.

A new set of snaps straight from the sets of RC15 are now going viral on social media. We get a clear view of Ram Charan’s periodic look in these leaked snaps.

And also, we see a family portrait of Charan’s family, played by Anjali and a kid. The interesting thing here is that these leaked pics are not even of poor quality. They are almost HD photos, which puts a doubt on the security situation on the sets of RC15.

While these leaked pics might excite a few fans who are desperate to get a glimpse of RC15, as a whole these unsolicited leaks can do great damage to the film. These leaks will tarnish the excitement surrounding the official promotional material as many would’ve already gotten a glimpse of what’s on offer.