Lawrence's-Actress-Ri-DJavi-Alexandra-Was-Asked-to-CompromiseThose who had watched Lawrence Raghava’s recent commercial blockbuster ‘Kanchana 3’, must have noticed Russian actress Ri DJavi Alexandra playing the role named Rosie. The Russian actress filed a complaint that a photographer named Roopesh Kumar demanded sexual favors in turn for the offers she would be getting in Kollywood.

When we are listening to scores of stories about the casting couch prevalent in the film industry, we expect the guys in the glamour industry to be cautious and change their ways. But, every casting couch and sexual harassment incident makes us feel bad, again and again. In the above-mentioned sexual harassment case filed by the Russian actress, the police investigated the matter and immediately arrested the photographer.

Recently, he did a photo shoot for the actress and from then, he has been harassing that he would release her morphed pictures. The actress didn’t keep quiet but filed a complaint. This is not the first complaint by an actress in Kollywood. If this continues, this wouldn’t be the last one either.