Heroine Tapsee who is currently acting in the bilingual horror comedy Muni 3 reveals an interesting detail about her signing the film. She says that when she was offered the role in the film, she liked it immensely and immediately wanted to do. But there was one problem which was holding her back and that was her absolute fear of watching a horror film. So she had put a simple condition that she would accept the film if she is not invited to the premiere show of the film or asked to see the film completely.

Interesting isn’t it? Very rarely does one puts such a condition to do a film. Muni 3 director, Raghava Lawrence, on the other hand is making sure that the actress is slowly free from horror fear. He is making sure that the actress sees everything that is being shot, so that she does not fear later when seen in entirety. She is being taken on a wild dark ride slowly by the director through the locations of the shooting around Chennai. All this is done so that Tapsee overcomes the horror fear. To know who will win the end we have to wait till the film releases during the last quarter of the year.