Lavanya Tripathi Struggles with Language, Calls Hero 'Anna', Corrects ItIt was the pre-release event of Sundeep Kishan’s upcoming movie ‘A1 Express’ and the heroine of the movie Lavanya Tripathi struggled to speak in Telugu and was seen faltering a few times while she was speaking.

She called hero Sundeep Kishan, ‘Anna’ and then corrected it immediately saying that he is Anna for his fans not for her and for her, he is a friend. But then, she anyway left the audiences surprised when she addressed the hero, ‘Anna!’.

If we look at many new heroines, they learnt Telugu fluently before their debut movie hit the theatres and impressed audiences big time with their Telugu. Though Lavanya did several films, she seems to be still struggling. Looks like, she was a bit nervous while speaking the language.

Being promoted as the first hockey film of Telugu Cinema, ‘A1 Express’ has set decent expectations with the tease and the trailer of the film. It’s coming to theatres, this Friday. Let’s wait and see how it fares at the box-office.