Lavanya_Tripathi_RelationshipHaving played girl-next-door roles all through her career, Lavanya Tripathi will now be seen in an intense role of a no-nonsense crime investigator in Zee5’s next crime series, Meka-Puli, directed by K Chakravarthy Reddy.

Recently Lavanya was seen promoting ‘Meka Puli’ on a popular TV show hosted by Suma. During the show, Suma asked Who she considers the most handsome hero, Nani or Varun Tej?

Without much thinking, Lavanya Tripathi replied, “Varun Tej!” And when the studio audience clapped and cheered for her reply, she blushed like a teenage girl!

There have been many rumors floating around in the media that Varun and Lavanya are in a relationship and might head for marriage soon. This is the first time, Lavanya has publically said something that gives a strong hint that the rumors might be true.

Lavanya has admitted that she likes Varun Tej over other heroes on a public platform, which clearly proves that something is cooking between the two.