Lavanya Baahubali

It seems that actress Lavanya Tripathi of Andala Rakshasi fame who was much talked about in the industry after her debut is finally back it the eye of the media happing disappeared for a while. News is that Lavanya has bagged a role in a movie opposite Manchu Manoj as well as a role in the upcoming Rajamouli movie that stars Prabhas and Rana Daggubati.

A source close to Rajamouli revealed that the director decided to cast Lavanya as the second role in the film alongside Anushka after an extensive search and due consideration. He said that the director was happy with the results of Lavanya’s audition and the test she took for the film a few days ago. As for now, the actress has been instructed to lie low until a formal announcement regarding the casting news is made.