Laughter Therapy With Hilarious CharactersAfter teasing the audience with the first glimpse of Manchi Rojulochai, filmmaker Maruthi has given us a sneak peek of his characters via their introduction. We get to see all the important characters from the film.

What is interesting is that each character has a funny prefix attached to their names – Linga Babu, Banda Babu, or Dehema Devalayam. These funny character names not only give us the idea of the character but also tickle our funny bones.

Overall it appears that Maruthi has added his touch of humour and pun in his dialogues to take us through another laugh riot. While the filmmaker hasn’t divulged any details on the plot, but the film seems to be based on characters.

The film was made during the second wave. The video also gives a glimpse of the man dressed in a PPE kit hinting that the COVID story could also be there. The characters are inspired by true incidents. Bankrolled by UV CReations which recently scored hit with Ek Mini Katha. Manchi Rojulochai team has hinted that it would soon get released in theaters to generate laughter therapy.