Latha-RajinikanthWe have known how Rajinikanth’s wife had to face the rage of court for disrespecting the court orders in repaying the dues of the ad agency that lent a loan of 20 crores during the production of Kochadaiyyan. Court summoned its hearing last week that an investigation will be commenced on Latha Rajinikanth and the production house Media One later which a charge sheet will be filed accordingly.

Media One has been calming the court saying they would pay back the due to the Ad Bureau but failed to do so. Now the agency passed a statement that Latha Rajinikanth is nowhere involved in the issue as it was only Media One who was associated with the MOU that they signed with Ad Bureau while taking the loan.

They claim that the loan was all paid and only 80 Lakhs is due to be cleared, but Ad Bureau has violated the MOU as they claim 10 cores plus interest as pending and filed a complaint against the ad agency. Let us see how the court is going to react on this counter complaint.