Vikram's-Mr-KK-Gets-Banned-Where-It-Was-ShotIrrespective of Mr KK, the Telugu dubbing version of Vikram’s current release ‘Kadaram Kondan’ fate in the Telugu market, the movie goers in Malaysia were eagerly awaiting the release of the movie on 19th July.

However, the movie didn’t see the light of the day in Malaysia as the Malaysian government banned the movie in their country as the Malaysia Censor Board didn’t approve the movie.

Tamil movies have a huge market in Malaysia and therefore, many of the Tamil speaking folks in Malaysia are said to be flying to Singapore to watch Chiyaan Vikram’s movie. Singapore is also a major hub for Tamil movie market outside India.

Despite the fact that ‘Kadaram Kondan’ was shot in Malaysia entirety, the government didn’t like the way the Malaysian police were portrayed in the movie. Nonetheless, the Tamil speaking folks have their own way to get to watch Tamil movies made in India.