murder-or-suicide-death-mystery-of-kalabhavan-mani-deepensContrary to the earlier report that the blood samples of deceased actor Kalabhavan Mani contained some pesticides, the forensic report from Hyderabad lab suggests that there is lethal methyl alcohol in his blood samples.

The latest report came from Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Hyderabad after three months of the mysterious and controversial death of the actor. The actor has consumed alcohol with friends and took to illness. After two days, he was dead.

There are many suspicions on his death and his friends who drank with him on the day Kalabhavan Mani gave party in his outhouse were alleged with the conspicious death of the multi-faceted actor who mostly played villain in his movies. Experts view on the presence of methyl alcohol is going to decide if its the cause of his death or not.