Last-Minute Tension for The Family Man 2 MakersWe are hours away from the release of India’s most-awaited web series, The Family Man 2. The web series is marred in controversy ever since the trailer release. There have been allegations from a section of people in Tamil Nadu that the makers are showing Tamils in poor light as they belittle LTTE’s struggle.

Samantha plays an LTTE Rebel in the movie. Even Tamil Nadu Government wrote a letter to the Union Government demanding a ban on the web series. To avoid unnecessary public and media glare, Amazon Prime Video canceled the web series promotions most importantly the ones with Samantha.

But then, the trouble came out of the blue. Chennai Times has adjudged Samantha as the Most Desirable Woman of 2020. That has ignited trouble once again and the anger is back. A hashtag @ShameOnYouSamantha is trending nationally since yesterday.

The makers and the OTT major is worried if there will be a last-minute shocker in the form of some government or court order stalling the web series release. The Family Man 2 fans are equally nervous if the web series will release or not!