Last Minute Cut Helped DJ Tillu Big Time!Siddhu Jonnalagadda‘s DJ Tillu has released the other day and has got a bumper opening. The movie has got a hilarious first half but the director could not cross the line in the second half. The hospital sequence in the second half is a big complaint.

But then, inside information is that originally the hospital sequence is around 28 minutes and is cut by more than half in the movie. The sequence is still a problem and just imagine if the entire 28-minute sequence is present in the film. We can feel the cut as the hospital sequence immediately jumps into the courtroom drama.

There is no seamless transformation from the hospital scene to the court scene. After a tedious sequence, we are treated with a hilarious court scene with Pragathi playing the judge. That sequence comes as a relief and sends the audience with a positive feeling from the theater.

DJ Tillu is likely to be a big commercial hit. The movie has become break-even in the US with the Premiere and Day 1 collections themselves. It has been made on a budget of 8 Crore and will recover it entirely only from Nizam, the makers believe.