Music Director Kalyan Malik Koduri Changes Name Sri Kalyan Ramana KoduriMusic director Kalyan Ramana, cousin of the most famous director Rajamouli has changed his name several times. The latest one is the addition of ‘Ramana’ to ‘Kalyan’. There had been many names like Kalyan Koduri, Koduri Kalyan, Kalyani Malik and now Sri Kalyan Ramana.

His actual name is Kalyan Ramana. When he came into the industry, he changed it as Kalyani Malik (Malik from Lord Mallikarjuna) and later he understood that there is no reason to change his name. Then, he started using Kalyan Koduri. Finally, came back to his name Kalyan Ramana.

The music director didn’t like to reveal the reason behind changing the names but promised that this name is going to be final and no more changes. Many had this doubt on his name and his habit of changing names. Though we don’t know the reason, at least we know that he had settled for one name finally.