Fashion Trend is never constant. It goes on changing from day to day. The costumes which were out of fashion yesterday will be the fashon of the day today but one special dress is always trendy since the black and white time to yesterday’s Gabbar Singh time. That is Langa Voni. In the age of bikinis and minis, suddenly, Langa Voni has become the favourite of all our directors in recent times.

Samantha in Dookudu, Saloni in Marayada Ramanna, Tamannah in Racha tantalized audience with their beautiful curves. Tapsee who tried quite a lot of Langa Vonis in Jhummandhi Nadham is again getting ready to set the screen on fire with Gundello Godari. Harish Shankar took special care and got a special designer to design traditional langa vonis for Shruti Hassan in Gabbar Singh. Interestingly, this is the first time Shruti is wearing Langa vonis on screen.And some of the leaked photos of Rebel also have Deekshaseth teasing youth in Langa Vonis.

So, Telugu youth will be all set for a treat blend with Traditional look!