Watch: ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ Is Biopic Terrorism!

Lakshmi's-NTRWhat are the makers of the latest biopics showing us? Are they telling something that happened long ago that we don’t know and was lost between the history pages? This is Prof. Nageshwar Rao’s viewpoint on the latest biopics and especially, ‘Lakshmi’s NTR‘. He calls it a political trailer, not a biopic or otherwise ‘bio(political)pic’ that has clear political intentions in telling the story from Lakshmi Parvati’s viewpoint.

He clearly explained the impact of the trailer without any bias as we know that the present generation of kids may not know even the recent history. This is contemporary history that the majority of them knows and there was nothing that RGV has actually researched and took up as a new point to tell. He has got some valid observations that we would like to share with you.

* The trailer shows that Lakshmi Parvati was least interested in politics but it was CBN who dragged into the mire to expel legendary NTR.
* Prof. viewpoint: Lakshmi Parvati was a politician then and also now. She was never away from politics and it was true that party leaders used to meet her for political gains as she was at the centre of politics, then.

*The trailer shows CBN as a traitor who deceived the people of the State.
*Prof. viewpoint: CBN got re-elected as the Chief Minister of the State which clearly says that he got the acceptance of the people.

*The trailer shows lack of moral sense on the part of NTR’s family members.
Prof. viewpoint: It was not about people or morality, the entire episode was when the family members fought between themselves for gaining supremacy in politics.

*Lakshmi’s Parvati floated a political party called ‘NTR Telugu Desam Party’ but people outrightly rejected the party.

* Lakshmi Parvati and the different members of NTR’s family are in different parties now and not in the party NTR had floated. They aren’t even in the party that was floated for NTR’s legacy. All of them are in parties that NTR opposed.

*Even if you think CBN manipulated the MLAs and media, thrice people’s mandate was with him who voted him to power.

These are some observations of Prof. Nageshwar Rao who thinks that ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ was not meant for telling history but for political gains. It’s RGV’s forte to create controversies and thus sell his movies. The professor explained everything well, clearly, pointwise.

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