Lakshmi Manchu is being widely appreciated for her acting skills in just-released period drama, Gundello Godari. In a recent interview, Manchu shared her experiences related to the film and her imminent success.

Even when the other actors from the were too busy to get involved in the promotional efforts, Manchu singlehandedly dealt with all the PR. When asked about this, Manchu denied this and said that it was a team effort and she is in turns humbled, shocked and overwhelmed by the response. Apparently, Manchu did not have this kind of revenue expectations and the film gives her hope that people are open to new ideas.

Talking about the problem of getting her film a Tamil release, Manchu explained that she learned from her previous mistakes and took the proper steps this time to ensure success. According to Lakshmi, she first got the Tamil Censor Board certification and created enough press for the movie from the beginning and also signed up a Tamil hero, Adi.