Lakshmi-Manchu-Was-Stopped-at-US-AirportIn connection to the latest sex racket that was busted in the US by the Federal Authorities, there is a lot of anxiety among the actresses and anchors who had to go to the US. A couple of actresses were said to be stopped at the US airport and questioned by the authorities.

When asked about this scenario, Lakshmi Manchu said that even she was stopped at the US Airport more than once. After the 11th September 2011 attacks, not only the actresses, many others were stopped at the US Airport. Manchu Lakshmi had two visas namely a business visa and a working visa.

She was detained for having two visas. Whenever they didn’t understand a thing, the authorities detained the visitors in the airport revealed the Manchu heroine. Speaking about the present situation in the industry, Manchu Lakshmi feels that the lack of a big head who can settle the issues is the reason why troubles are brewing up without reconciliation.

She hoped big way that there would be someone like Dasari Narayana Rao to look up to as the big head who could solve the issues. It’s understood that she is talking about Sri Reddy’s controversies and the sex racket in the US.