Lakshmi Manchu Donald Trump Phone Call Mohan Babu  There is a Whatsapp message/pic going viral since Wednesday morning. The Whatsapp message is the screen grab of Lakshmi Manchu’s post on Donald Trump. This post says, “Just spoke to Trump uncle, he is so happy to Mohan Babu Garu and blessed our family’.

When checked on the Twitter, if it is the real post tweeted by Lakshmi Manchu, it turned out to be fake. This kind of language addressing bigwigs as ‘uncle’ is very common in the Manchu daughter’s usual talk. So, it looked very real and that might be the reason why it went viral.

We can’t keep believing everything that is posted on social media because there are a lot of fake accounts in the name of celebrities that look like the original. The fake tweet posted using Manchu Lakshmi’s name is one of them. Of course, it seems to be intended for hidden humor rather than causing any damage.

Check it below;