Manchu lakshmiManchu Lakshmi has been the talk of the town these days because of her TV show ‘Memu Saitham’. The show speaks of generosity to the underprivileged and deprived in the society. Will she make a political entry?

Lakshmi Manchu says, “Since I’m doing some charity, it’s not correct to think of joining politics. Doing charity has been in me since long. Even in US, I used to ask my friends to bring cheques as my birthday presents and I used to donate those cheques”.

“I think I’m secretly addicted to that joy, to help people in need. It’s rather my need than their need as I get happiness to see them feel happy,” saying that she opines that she is a humanitarian who thinks everyone must be in the same right. Well, that’s Manchu Lakshmi’s show concept for us.