Lakshmi Manchu gets cozy with her husband
There’s been no clarity about the personal life of Manchu Lakshmi all these days as she stayed with her family in Hyderabad, while her husband was supposedly staying in the US. The actress would visit him every once in a while but the couple had never appeared in public to date.

Lakshmi recently paid her husband Andy Srinivasan visit during Valentine’s Day and the couple posed for a cozy picture that the former shared on her Twitter page. The picture shows a happy Lakshmi posing with hubby Andy, who has lipstick smeared all over his lips! This particular picture has caught the attention of fans who have been thinking about it.

This is probably the first time Lakshmi has openly posted a picture with her husband. But at least this picture has put to rest the rumours that Lakshmi is divorced and, therefore, stays with her family in Hyderabad.