Lakshmi admits her love for Kamal Haasan

Veteran southern actress Lakshmi, who was recently seen in Tanikella Bharani’s Mithunam admitted on Thursday that she indeed loves Kamal Haasan. This love, however, shouldn’t be misunderstood for real love but the love she has for the passionate artiste in Kamal Haasan. Speaking at the opening ceremony of Chennai International Film Festival, Lakshmi said that she loves Kamal for the passion he displays for cinema.

She said very few people set out to do what they really want in life and Kamal happens to be one among them. She added that Kamal had decided that he would become the best actor of the country, and today we can all proudly accept him as one. Lakshmi feels that the younger generation can learn a lot of this man, who has never given up on his passion and continues to marvel us with his films as an actor, filmmaker, writer and what not.

Lakshmi also heaped praise on Aamir Khan and called him a perfectionist. She said that Kamal and Aamir are the pride of Indian cinema and that we should be proud to have them amongst us. Lakshmi was present at the event because Mithunam is the only Telugu film to be screened in the festival.