Lakshmi Rai

It seems that actress Lakshami Rai got tired of the media taking a negative stand against and finally took a disciplinary step in this regard. It has been noted that Lakshmi Rai has filed a case against a leading magazine for showing her in bad light. The Chennai High Court has considered the case valid and has passed an injunction order against the magazine for publishing a defamatory article about the actress.

The actress seems tired of these incidents affecting her personal life and spoke about the same on her Twitter. She says that she will no longer take even a bit of rubbish anymore, which is affecting her image and personal life, and that it is high time to take some action. As for the case, it was Justice R Sudhakar who granted the injunction and has passed interim orders on an application arising out of a civil suit from Lakshmi Rai praying for a direction to the weekly and its reporter to pay a sum of Rs 30 lakh towards damages for publishing articles in its issues.