Lagadapati is like AP Bhagat Singh

After the infamous incident that occurred in Parliament recently, RGV hailed Lagadapati comparing him to Bhagat Singh. Ram Gopal Varma tweeted saying that after Bhagat Singh, it was only Lagadapati who shook the Parliament. He added in the same tweet that Bhagat Singh did it for India whereas Lagadapati did it for Andhra Pradesh.

Unable to forget the Pepper Spray incident, RGV continued to tweet funny tweets like these.

– “Leaving the other aspects aside I think the parliament incident has given loads of publicity to pepper spray as a weapon.”
– “One thing the pepper spray has achieved is that for the first time evr I saw Meira kumar without a smile”
– “I can foresee pepper spray being soon used in class rooms movie theatres shopping malls court rooms etc”

As we all know how witty RGV is, we still can’t be certain if he was just being funny or if he said it in a mocking tone.