Ladies-in-the-US-Didn't-Connect-to--Jersey (2)Whenever we have a movie that comes with good sentiment and an overwhelming response from the critics and a superb initial word of mouth, we expect the movie to perform well at the overseas box-office and record a blockbuster.

Nani’s ‘Jersey‘ seemed to be going in the same direction initially with the highest possible web ratings, but has sprung a surprise when the box-office figures clearly indicate its underperformance even after the highest critical claim. Trade expected that it would be a cakewalk for ‘Jersey’ to reach $2 million.

The movie has grossed over a million dollars and yet to touch the breakeven zone in the US. In the present situation, leave alone $2 Million, it might be even tough to touch $1.5 million in the US.

If we analyze the reasons for the movie’s underperformance, we see the Movie Pass Effect and also the Amazon Prime Effect for its underperformance. But these two were also there for Venky’s multi-starrer ‘F2: Fun & Frustration’ that did perform really well despite the above-mentioned reasons (F2 grossed $2.1 Million).

That means the ladies in the US didn’t shower the same love on ‘Jersey’ as much as they showered on Venkatesh’s F2. Maybe, they didn’t connect much to ‘Jersey’.

Coming to the numbers, on Thursday, ‘Jersey’ grossed $ 9 K, and according to the latest reports, the total gross of ‘Jersey’ in the US is $1,09,012. Today and tomorrow (Saturday) is very crucial for Jersey at US box office, a clear picture will emerge after the weekend.