X-Rated Films  HollywoodOkay, so we start with once upon a time. Mostly during the ’80s and ’90s when Hollywood directors made X-rated films or had X-rated scenes sparingly put into the script. As risqué as some of the movies were; even the adults would come out shocked from theatres.

And the movies were like the forbidden fruit for adolescent, teenage viewers who would sneak out without the knowledge of their parents, bunk classes, and watch these films more out of a sense of thrill than sheer voyeurism. It was a part of everyone’s growing up.

If one cuts to the present day, while Hollywood has almost done away with X-rated films due to top actors not wanting to do such scenes or due to the #Metoo movement, the adrenaline rush of youth is being satiated by streaming channels that are leaving no stone unturned to churn out adult stuff that can put the X-rated film of yore to shame. It’s no more a taboo and that makes it less fun than it was before.

Well, while even a teen can binge-watch cringe-worthy sex scenes on streaming channels, they no longer enjoy the charm of slyly watching an X-rated film in a jam-packed theater amid an audience hooting whenever the bosom of an actress popped out.