Hero Nani Gentleman lack buzzNani is in such a stage of his career that he is doing some very interesting films. His latest attempt is Gentleman which is touted as a thrilling murder mystery. Even though the posters and trailers revealed so much, the trailer and music were not able to click with the audience.

Mani Sharma’s music was yet another drawback as the audio rights were also sold for less price seeing his form. Indrganti Mohan Krishna is looking for a massive hit and he has banked heavily on Nani because of his stardom. On the other hand, Nani who is known to entertain is trying a different film yet again to prove his acting prowess.

Even though the class audience are lauding him big time, the so called public who love his films are expecting entertainment and comedy which is missing from the so called promos.

Though the film is just two weeks away, there is hardly any buzz for the film. Nani has planned some unique promotions from his side and this should create some buzz for the film.

Talk is that the negative feedback for the film is upsetting Nani big time and he is making sure that he counters it with his performance and by delivering a hit. Will he do it or not, we need to watch and see.