Kumari-21-f-trailer-talkTheatrical of Sukumar’s first production Kumari 21F is out. The first impression is that clearly the film belongs to the Sukumar even though he has just written it and that’s where a fear too arises.

The whole set up and the cut of the trailer looks fresh and good but it bears the hallmark eccentricities of director Sukumar with it. One can already see the traces of it in the heroine character in the trailer and with it comes the fear of disappointment as heroine characterization has been the weak link in all Sukumar films. Raj Tharun of Uyyala Jumpala and Cinema Choopistha Maava fame playing the lead devoid of his usual enthusiasm is a nice change though.

Checkout the trailer below. Kumari 21F will hit the screens in second half of November in all probabilities.