kumari-21fWith just two days to go for the release of Kumari 21f it looks like the team is feeling release jitters of one goes by how the booking of the film is going on.

For starters there are no early morning shows of the film which kind off show the confidence of the unit but there seems to be a complete downplay of the censor of the film which has been completed recently. As one would know by now Kumari 21f has got an A rating much to the dislike of the unit. The subject (adult content) seems to be the problem here and it is what is giving the jitters to the makers.

This is a precarious situation for the team as it is exactly what they would have liked at the start but now they were wary of the negative implications and are trying to downplay it. Whatever may be the eventuality one can say post censor situation is not not something that is to their liking and hence the knee jerking reactions.