kumari 21F laila says french movie copyKumari 21f is a bonafide success and there is no debate on it from this point on. There were some concerns expressed regarding its content and one expected that might lead to trouble. Luckily that hasn’t happened but instead an unexpected scenario has developed.

A case of plagiarism has plagued the film now among its targeted set of audience. In these days of numerous sources to watch movies, youth have access to all kinds of films worldwide and that’s how a film called Lila Says has come into light. It is a French film and those who have seen it say it bears striking thematic similarities with Kumari 21f.

Copying is not new to our filmmakers but it gets problematic when such works gets peddled as creative attempts. When even a legend like Kamal Haasan officially announced his film (Cheekati Rajyam) to be a remake, incidentally another French film, why can’t our makers do the same, is what everyone’s asking.