Manchu family is always known for taking up daring battles and for being outspoken regarding various issues in Tollywood. To dare and achieve, it is in their blood naturally. Regarding the rehabilitation of Swetha Basu Prasad, many celebrities have become vocal in supporting the actress and thrashing media and police for hiding the names of the biggies and only focusing the girl, tarnishing her image. Some celebrities like Sakshi Tanwar question the system as to why the big names are granted privacy and Swetha ripped of her personal space and privacy in the first place.

All this dialogue will continue as long as this news remains hot and holds the interest of the media and people. But what next? When Swetha comes out of the rehabilitation centre after 3 months, what would be her mental condition? Would she be able to cope up with the mental pressure she had to bear? There are no ready made answers to such questions. But atleast Manchu Vishnu has come up with something which he can do from his side. He offered an important role to Swetha in his next movie. It is enough evidence for being human. More than words, actions speak in bounty. What say?