Mahesh's heroine was annoyed in the flightMahesh’s heroine in ‘1-Nenokkadine’, Kriti Sanon was annoyed on a domestic flight when she saw a guy watching the pirated version of ‘Dilwale’ on his mobile phone. She was saddened by the poor quality of the video he is watching. The guy didn’t listen to her when she advised him to watch it in theatre.

Kriti Sanon understood that the guy was flaunting his projector in the mobile to watch the pirated version of the film which hit theatres only a few days ago. It’s reality that a movie which is the outcome of hard work of many people, investing crores into the making, is being killed by piracy.

Piracy is one of the biggest menace killing the film industry and mostly big budget films with stars are targeted making a big dent into the revenues. Though Kriti was sitting beside the guy, she couldn’t stop it. Just imagine how deep the roots might have percolated into.