Krishna Vamsi's latest headache!

Krishna Vamsi is a pioneer in unearthing beauty and projecting them wonderfully on screen. He has the credit of making ordinary faces to look beautiful so, he never had to wait for star heroines. He in fact made stars or sometimes brought back forgotten ladies in to form. But that track record fell flat for his next project with Venkatesh and Ram Charan in the lead roles. He is struggling to find heroines for the actors and the actress already in the market are either busy or not fitting in to his vision.

The director now stationed himself in Mumbai and is auditioning lot of new girls. He will be back to Hyderabad only after he finds suitable girls for both the heroes. The regular shooting of the movie is expected to begin after Sankranthi 2014. The makers are planning to release the movie in the second half of 2014..May be for Dussehra. Lets see how things pan out for Krishna Vamsi who is struggling with lot of flops off late.