okka-ammayi-tappa-posterMovie lovers may wonder who is Krishna Vachan and what is the great thing about his love for mangoes. Everyone loves mangoes as it is the queen of fruits. Some even question what is their connection with Tollywood silver screen.

Everyone knows that young hero Sundeep Kishan is romancing natural beauty Nitya Menon in his upcoming entertainer Okka Ammayi Thappa under the direction of debutante Rajasimha.

Krishna Vachan falls in love with natural beauty Nitya Menon who is known as Mango in the film. So Krishna Vachan is in love with Mango. People are already getting attracted to the hero name Krishna Vachan. Krishna Vachan name has so much fascination that it spreads love across the world.

Movie lovers will surely be eager to enjoy the romantic flavor between Krishna Vachan and Mango on screen when the film Okka Ammayi Thappa release on June 10th across the world with premiers on June 9th.

We heard that, even today after the shoot of OAT Sandeep and Nitya call each other by their screen names Krishna Vachan and Mango, which shows how much they were connected to their characters.

As the name signifies Lord Krishna’s word, it is having that magic and power of Krishna in air. So much so that Rajasimha who is making his debut with the film already named his son as Krishna Vachan.

Rajasimha who all set to show his power as director with the film with the romantic flavor between Krishna Vachan and Mango.

The film is a 12 hours love story starting from morning ending by evening. It starts on Hitec flyover and is full of twists and turns with romance, love, comedy, sentiment, family, patriotism, social responsibility, powerful message embedded in the story.