Krish-Or-Balakrishna---Who-Gets-Blame-For-NTR-DebacleThe performance of NTR – Kathanayakudu has come as s shocker to entire trade. Forget about the holidays period, the biopic simply failed to take off on an opening day and then from the second day; there was nothing to report.

Right now, the fans and trade are in retrospective mode and thinking to analyse where NTR – Kathanayakudu could have gone wrong. After all brainstorming, two crucial factors have come to fore; they are the director and the actor.

Director Krish hasn’t been able to get an outright hit in a decade. His debut was his most liked and best performing (relative to its size) film. But, what makes him an exciting prospect to work is the different subjects that he brings to the table. They are also made in a cost-efficient manner. The writing and performances are also usually good which leads to decent critical acclaim. However, when it comes to an engaging narrative, he has been failing for a long time.

Similarly, with Nandamuri Balakrishna, age was a factor in portraying younger portions of Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao. The fact that three-fourths of the biopic focussed on the movie career made it worse for him. It was always a risk from the beginning, and that has become a serious issue.

While people are individually citing either Krish or NBK as reasons for failure, we think it’s a combination. In the end, together they have created an epic failure out of a biopic of a legend that not many saw coming.