Krish Rajamouli

The grapevine has been buzzing for quite a while about the new Mahesh babu movie with director Krish. For once, it seems the rumour mills are indeed true as we have got some exciting news on this front. It so happens that Rajamouli got a first hand narration of the script from none other than krish himself while they were both boarded on a flight en route to Mumbai.

To say that Rajamouli was mighty impressed is an understatement. It seems he was totally blown away (not by the aeroplane) by the script and has went on record saying that “Mahesh fans are in for a fantastic experience”. Expectations from this movie have already sky rocketed into oblivion and the shooting of the movie hasn’t even started yet. Looks like the dream run of Mahesh Babu is going to continue for some time to come.