krack-master-u-s-box-office-report-numbers-market-is-not-at-all-readySankranthi has come and three movies have already made it to the theatres both in the overseas and in the domestic market. The verdict in the home turf is crystal clear and in the US, the verdict is the same for all the festival releases.

The numbers clearly show that the market isn’t at all ready for theatrical releases as the three releases have earned almost very less and we can call them peanuts. A declared blockbuster in home turf ‘Krack‘ has collected only $78 K so far in the US.

Though it’s a big movie of a mass hero with a huge mass following, ‘Master’ collected $128 K so far from all languages. That’s nothing comparatively. Not a big star or a nog film, nothing matters as of now when the audiences aren’t ready to come to the theatres.

Looks like, it would take a while before the US theatres come back to normal while the theatrical audiences in the Telugu States showed how a festival release will always be special is it’s entertaining enough.