Kota-Srinvias-Rao-drinking-habitsSenior talented actor Kota Srinivas Rao is known for his straight talk. Earlier he went face to face with Krishna Vamsi against his comments on the non-availability of talented actors in Telugu. Kota bashed the talented director on several instances.

Does Kota drink and attend his shoots as the rumor mills say? In a recent interview, he admitted the fact that he went to sets after drinking. Kota confessed that he did drink alcohol when there is a night scene to be shot involved with no dialogues. To cope with shivering cold in the night, Kota used to drink with the due permission of director. He admits that he boozed and attended shooting for around 20 films.

Kota also admitted that he adhered to drinking habit in those days as there is hardly any medium to interact after coming to hotel room in outdoor locations. But he says he is not drunk all the time as the rumors spread.

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