Kota srinivas rao shocking revelation about his wifeKota Srinivasa Rao has seen the heights as the most sought after actor in his hay days and never let down the trust film makers have in him. But personally, he had a troubled life throughout. Only few people know what Kota had gone through.

His wife is a psychiatric patient since all this 40 plus years of his married life. Her condition is such that, she even doesn’t know who Kota is according to his profession and his accomplishments. Taking care of her, understanding and not leaving her in his journey has made Kota a person with character.

His friends also speak, how much Kota loved his wife and cared for her. Besides his wife’s mental illness, Kota had to suffer when his daughter met with an accident. The biggest blow came when his only son met with an accident and passed away. Kota says that the biggest tragedy he can never come out of it.

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