Koratala Siva Fans, Koratala Siva Twitter Fans, Koratala Siva Social Media Fans, Koratala Siva Fans Associations, Koratala Online Fans, Koratala Fan BaseDirector Koratala Siva has become the talk of the town for not only the kind of films he is making but also for the ‘frank talk’ speaking his heart without beating around the bush. Presently, he must be on top of the world for delivering three super hits with three different star heroes. But Koratala is different.

His plain and frank talk are gaining a lot of attention. Koratala’s down to earth analysis of success and his opinion on his wife, giving credit to her and her control on him to keep him grounded are revelations which didn’t appear either fabricated or faking for the sake of being overly polite. The director’s stance and opinions on life are totally practical which highlight his personality.

The director is winning fans for the way he sounds genuine. There is neither over politeness nor any fake talk just to appear grounded. When he revealed about his struggle as a writer and the following decision to become a director, we can see that he isn’t acting filmy way.