Koratala Siva's Silence Speaking Volumes?Koratala Siva has become the Bheeshma of Tollywood right now. He has been stabbed by so many arrows by the people around him, but he is still silent and going on with his work.

Every day, someone or the other person from the industry comes and blames Koratala Siva as the reason for everything that didn’t work in Acharya. Just the other day, it was music director Mani Sharma who said the BGM didn’t come out well because of Koratala.

But Koratala is taking all the blame silently and giving his complete attention to NTR30. It seems Koratala Siva wants his work to give all the answers to the allegations put against him. He wants to silence his detractors by giving an unforgettable comeback with his next.

Also, Koratala knows that if he gives any reply in his defense, people are going use it against him only. Another reason for his silence is that if he says something, it might hurt mighty Chiranjeevi directly or indirectly, which he can’t afford right now.

Koratala is a shrewd man, and he knows that people only believe what successful people say, and right now, he needs to deliver a blockbuster, and maybe then he can give clarifications on the allegations against him.