Koratala Siva VV Vinayak Come Together For Nani Niveda Thomas Aadhi PinisettyNatural Star Nani’s new film has been launched today. Koratala Siva and VV Vinayak came together for this new movie launch.

Director VV Vinayak gave the clap to this film whereas Koratala Siva switched on the camera. Nani is giving an opportunity to a new director Shiva Nirvana with this film. Niveditha Thomas is the heroine while Aadi Pinisetty plays an important role. Kona Venkat is providing the screenplay for the movie.

Most part of the shoot of the film will happen in the US. The remaining portion will be shot in Hyderabad and Vizag. Gopisundar, the lucky composer for Nani, is providing music. The shooting begins immediately with a short schedule. Regular shoot will commence from December 5.