Koratala_Siva_Using_NTRKoratala Siva delivered a humongous dud with Acharya which stands as one of the biggest box office disasters of all time in Telugu cinema. The capable director will be working with Jr NTR for his next project, NTR30.

Now, Koratala appears to be using NTR’s project to counter Acharya debacle. He should have been distraught with Acharya’s result but he can undo the same by coming up with a winning promotional plan for NTR30 right from the start.

NTR’s birthday, May 20 couldn’t have come at a better time for Koratala as he now has the opportunity to get away from Acharya negativity by unveiling a winning poster of NTR30 and announcing that he is back on track.

The onus is now on Koratala Siva to cast a positive spell on NTR30 right from the start by dropping a birthday special poster featuring Jr NTR on May 20. NTR’s fans are eagerly awaiting the same.