Koratala_Siva_NTR_30Koratala Siva got it horribly wrong with Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan’s Acharya. The film failed in every aspect. Now, it is time for Koratala to use Acharya’s Gunapaatam for NTR30.

Firstly, Acharya had really poor introduction blocks. While Chiru’s introduction was bland, Charan’s block did not have the desired buildup and impact. Siva is usually good at presenting impactful introduction blocks but things went south with Acharya. The onus is on him to make a comeback with NTR30.

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Then there is the background score. Many felt that ManiSharma’s background score for Acharya did not have the desired punch and it failed to elevate the scenes. With NTR30, Koratala Siva has a master of exquisite background scores, Anirudh and he should make the most of the same.

Also, the main complaint about Acharya was that it lacked commercial highs. There wasn’t a single block with repeat value. Koratala has promised that NTR30 will have more than enough commercial highs and Mass appeal. We need to wait and see how he presents NTR in a mass avatar.

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Koratala has to undo Acharya’s negativity with NTR30, or that is what NTR’s fans are hoping for.