Koratala Siva shocked at Jr NTR’s Rabhasa rumors
Director Koratala Siva has expressed shock on the happenings related to Jr NTR’s upcoming film tentatively titled as Rabhasa. It has been reported recently in certain sections that Koratala Siva was roped by unit of Rabhasa to direct a portion of the film. Isn’t that shocking?

Well to get into the details. Rabhasa which is directed by Santosh Srinivas of Kandireega fame ran into trouble at the shooting due to the health woes of the director. The unit reportedly felt that it would create date issues and delay in further shoot if the shooting got postponed then. So in order to keep the schedule undisturbed, they requested Koratala Siva to direct those few days. And thanks to his intervention the schedule has been completed on time. It is at this story that Koratala Siva has expressed his shock. While no one really knows the actual truth except for the actual cast and crew, this reaction by the director should at least put an end to the rumors floating around.